God’s Story Shortlist

God Creates:

God Creates All Things (Genesis 1:1-25)

God Creates People (Genesis 2:4-24)


Man Rebels:

People Disobey God (Genesis 3:1-13)

God’s Righteous Response (Genesis 3:14-24)


God Makes a Way:

God Judges His Creation (Genesis 6:5-227:6-12, 18-248:18-22)

God Makes Promises to All Creation (Genesis 9:1-19)

God’s Special Promise to One Family  (Genesis 12:1-815:1-617:1-8)

Abraham’s Big Test (Genesis 21:1-722:1-19)

God’s Promised Suffering Servant  (Isaiah 52:13-1553:1-12)

The Birth of Jesus (Luke 1:26-382:1-20)

Jesus Meets a Man Seeking for God (John 3:1-21)


Choose one:

1) Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man (Luke 5:17-26)

2) Jesus Calms a Storm (Mark 4:35-41)


Jesus = God’s Solution:

Jesus Shares a Last Meal (Matthew 26:17-30)

Jesus Dies on a Cross (Luke 23:32-49)

Jesus Rises from the Dead (Luke 23:50-5624:1-12)


A Personal Decision:

Becoming a Child of God (John 1:1-18) - Series Summary!


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